Concerts in 2018/2019:

Duo NIHZ will play concerts in Germany, Taiwan, Holland, Vietnam, France, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain, Latvia, Russia, U.S.A., Great-Britain, 


New CD is released:

We are proud to announce our new cd together with the fantastic guitarist Alberto Mesirca!


Duo NIHZ is currently working on 7 recording-projects:

1. A CD with classical music

2. 2 CD's with brand new compositions specially composed for and dedicated to Duo NIHZ by Annette Kruisbrink, Theo Willemze, Jan Bijkerk, Jim ten Boske, Nikita Koshkin, Daniel Akiva, Louis Ignatius Gall , Richard Vaghan and others.

3. A CD with new Jewish Music-repertoire

4. A CD with Shel Silverstein-songs

5. A CD with Baruch Chauskin

6. A CD with songs composed in concentration camps which are not recorded before

7. A CD with Jewish resistance and ghetto songs


Bobby Rootveld - Savarez strings & Sergey Samoilov Guitars

We are proud to announce that  Bobby Rootveld is a guitarist supported by Savarez strings! Please check out their website:


Besides that Bobby plays a wonderful guitar built by the extraordinary Russian luthier Sergey Samoilov!