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Welcome to our website!


Samsong Productions is an independent label for classical music focused on giving young talented artists the chance to record their music in freedom.


Artists Samsong Productions has released cd’s and/or dvd’s which include Marcin Dylla, Alberto Mesirca, Duo NIHZ, Yves Storms, Enno Voorhorst, Robert Horna, Tzu-Han Kao, Jim ten Boske, Julia Trintschuk, Duo Puur, Bobby Rootveld, Pavel Kukhta, André Manuel, David Copperfield Style, Jana Langenbruch, Simon Cheong, Laura Kiesskalt, Justyna Sobczak, Trio Zift, Nandini Sudhir, Jakob Bangsø and others. 


Collaborations with several music festivals, recording the winners of their competitions, is a direct result of the label’s philosophy. Maestro Series is a brand new series by Samsong Productions featuring these laureates from different international music competitions. 


Enjoy our website and catalogue!

Bobby Rootveld


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