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Maestro Louis Ignatius Gall

'Louis Ignatius Gall' International Guitar Festival & Youth Competion will take place at Kulturhaus NIHZ, Nordhorn, Germany.


This year we have a special Corona Edition in cooperation with Guitar Festival Nordhorn.

This means some adjustments in the programme, competition and prizes. In 2021 we will be back full force.

Date: 31 Oktober - 15 November 2020


This youth guitar festival and competition is dedicated to the memory of the late but great Maestro Louis Ignatius Gall. 


Artistic direction: Bobby Rootveld & Alexei Belousov


Organizing committee: Bobby Rootveld, Sanna van Elst & Alexei Belousov


-  Iternational Performing competition

- Highest level concerts

- Masterclasses

- Musical instruments, sheet music and CDs exhibition & sales

- Louis Ignatius Gall library exhibition


Confirmed artists:

- Alexei Belousov

- Duo NIHZ

- The Guitar Company

- Samuel Klemke

- Bobby Rootveld

- Anido Guitar Duo

- Dilana Smith

- Ben Salfield

- And many others


Check out the website, sign up for the festival, and check out the Maestro Gall page to learn more about Maestro Louis Ignatius Gall.


Hope to see you in Nordhorn in 2020!!!

Alexei Belousov, Bobby Rootveld & Sanna van Elst

Corona Edition

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