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Louis Ignatius Gall Library & Archive


The library and archive of Louis Ignatius Gall can be seen at Kulturhaus NIHZ in Nordhorn.

The Louis Ignatius Gall Foundation is very happy that we can use Kulturhaus NIHZ for this matter.

The library and archive contain original manuscripts of compositions of Louis Ignatius Gall and other composers,

sheet music of Louis Ignatius Gall and published compositions by Louis Ignatius Gall.

The archive also contains diploma's (signed by Andrés Segovia), posters, letters, reviews, photo's etc.

Kulturhaus NIHZ is one of the biggest guitar librarys of Europe and includes The Anton Boers Collection,

The Coby Blok Collection and the Louis Ignatius Gall Collection.

More then 2000 classical guitar lp's, 10.000 classical guitar cd's and an incredible amount of classical guitar sheet music

can be found in this library. Feel free to visit and do research!

Kulturhaus NIHZ, Mittelstrasse 13, 48529, Nordhorn, Germany



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