Friday 2. September 2022 - 'The Jewish Recorder'

Music by Jewish composers or with Jewish themes.

19.30 Concert with Dora Bruck, Regina Himmelbauer & Duo NIHZ

Ticket: 15,- Euro


Saturday 3. September 2022 - 'The classical Recorder'

Classical music for Recorder

19.30 Concert with Regina Himmelbauer, Drora Bruck & Duo NIHZ

Ticket: 15,- Euro

Sunday 4. September 2021 - 'Pure Classic and The Jewish Soul'

Before the pause a early programme with Giorgio Matteoli and after the pause the amazing Jewish kantor Baruch Chauskin accompanied by Duo NIHZ

18.00 Concert with Giorgio Matteoli before the pause and Chazan Baruch Chauskin & Duo NIHZ after the pause

Ticket: 15,- Euro

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