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Masterclasses & Workshops


Masterclasses & Workshops

- 1 Workshop + 1 concert ticket 40,- Euro
- 2 Workshops + 1 concert ticket 75,- Euro
- 3 Workshops + 1 concert ticket 100,- Euro

- 4 Workshops + 1 concert ticket 120,- Euro
- Masterclass 30 minutes + 1 concert ticket 45,- Euro 
- Masterclass 60 minutes + 1 concert ticket 75,- Euro

Masterclasses with:

- Sanna van Elst

- Drora Bruck

- Regina Himmelbauer

- Meng-Heng Chen



'Making the stage your home' (with Bobby Rootveld)

Bobby Rootveld works as a guitarist, actor, stand-up comedian and composer. Since 2006 he gives workshops all over the world for musicians concerning all aspects of performing except the music itself. Stage fright, presentation, talking, bowing, walking, controlling nerves, creating security: all is a part off the process off making the stage your home. Bobby Rootveld taught this workshop in over 30 countries in Europe and Asia.

Ensemble Workshop 'Once Upon A Ground (with Drora Bruck)

Ground bass, or basso ostinato, is a musical technique in which a bass line, or the lowest line of music, is repeated throughout a composition. Though first used in vocal music during the 13th century, the technique came into its own during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Drora Bruck takes you upon a travel through Grounds... This is a wonderful oppurtunity to get to know pieces composed upon grounds in the 17th and 18th century. 

Ensemble Workshop BaRocking (With Duo NIHZ)

Imagine a parallel universe in where there is no time and only eternal life. There you walk into a small but cozy place full with music instruments. You look around and you see Johann Sebastian Bach talking with Freddie Mercury... John Lennon and John Dowland are jamming together... Jacob van Eyck is showing how to play a recorder to Delta Blues legend Robert Johnson... During this workshop you will be transported to such a place... Bobby Rootveld of Duo NIHZ created compositions in which all these, and other composers, are melting together. Famous melodies as well as interesting rhythm patterns and beautiful harmonies will melt together in this energizing workshop where barock meets rock in a surprising way!

Ensemble Workshop: T.B.A.

Ensemble Workshop Klezmer (with Duo NIHZ)

Duo NIHZ is known worldwide for interpreting Klezmer. Bobby Rootveld and Sanna van Elst lead workshops around the world with their arrangements of klezmer songs. You can expect melancholic and lively melodies combined with touching stories about the music during this workshop. Also this year Duo NIHZ will present some new Klezmer ensemble arrangements at the Nordhorn Recorder Festival.

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