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Masterclasses & Workshops


Masterclasses & Workshops

- Festival Package: Participation in all competitions + all workshops 175,- Euro

- 1 Workshop: 45,- Euro

- Masterclass 30 minutes 45,- Euro 
- Masterclass 60 minutes 75,- Euro

Masterclasses with:

- Sanna van Elst

- Regina Himmelbauer

- Meng-Heng Chen


Workshop Recorder Music from Taiwan (with Meng-Heng Chen)

The recorder music from Taiwan is beautiful, innovative and makes an important part of the recorder literature. Meng-Heng Chen will give an introduction and practice of recorder music from Taiwan, including solo and ensemble works.

Ensemble Workshop Klezmer (with Duo NIHZ)

Duo NIHZ is known worldwide for interpreting Klezmer. Bobby Rootveld and Sanna van Elst lead workshops around the world with their arrangements of klezmer songs. You can expect melancholic and lively melodies combined with touching stories about the music during this workshop. Also this year Duo NIHZ will present some new Klezmer ensemble arrangements at the Nordhorn Recorder Festival.

Ensemble Workshop Pastorale (with Regina Himmelbauer)

Pastorale - rural idyll or mirage? In the workshop we play arrangements of well-known and lesser-known pastorals from several centuries, but also approach various images using free improvisations. No prior knowledge of improvisation necessary, just the courage to move physically and mentally.

Workshop T.B.A. (with Nik Tarasov)


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