Masterclasses & Workshops


Masterclasses & Workshops

- 1 Workshop + 1 concert ticket 40,- Euro
- 2 Workshops + 1 concert ticket 75,- Euro
- 3 Workshops + 1 concert ticket 100,- Euro

- 4 Workshops + 1 concert ticket 120,- Euro
- Masterclass 30 minutes + 1 concert ticket 45,- Euro 
- Masterclass 60 minutes + 1 concert ticket 75,- Euro

Masterclasses with:

- Drora Bruck

- Sarah Jeffery

- Meng-Heng Chen

- Heida Vissing



'Making the stage your home' (with Bobby Rootveld)

Bobby Rootveld works as a guitarist, actor, stand-up comedian and composer. Since 2006 he gives workshops all over the world for musicians concerning all aspects of performing except the music itself. Stage fright, presentation, talking, bowing, walking, controlling nerves, creating security: all is a part off the process off making the stage your home. Bobby Rootveld taught this workshop in over 30 countries in Europe and Asia.

Songs from the North (with Heida Vissing)

Rugged mountains, glaciers, fjords, lake landscapes and endless forests characterize the north of Europe. These impressions are reflected in an impressive way in music. There are also musical pictures of mythology, folklore but also elves and trolls. In our workshop we undertake a musical journey through the countries of the north such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.
Instruments: SATB GB SB

Klezmer (with Duo NIHZ)
Duo NIHZ performs klezmer music all over the world. In all these countries Bobby Rootveld and Sanna van Elst lead workshops with their arrangements of klezmer pieces. You can expect melancholic tunes and lively melodies in combination with touching stories about the music. Also this year Duo NIHZ will present their brand new Klezmer ensemble arrangements made in the past few months for the very first time at Recorder Festival Nordhorn.

BaRocking (with Duo NIHZ)
Compositions by Bobby Rootveld for recorder ensemble with the theme 'BaRocking'. A pistache which combines Renaissance and Barock with Rock, Pop, Minimal Music and Folk. The workshop is lead by Sanna van Elst. Queen meets Bach. Tom Waits meets John Dowland.

Meet the Composer (with Heida Vissing)
In this workshop you have the opportunity to work together with Heida Vissing on Heida's compositions. You can ask questions and take a look behind the scenes. The Creampot, Walking along a street, Moonlit night and many other pieces are on the programme. Including, of course, a work that is composed especially for this workshop and in this way becomes a world premiere.


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