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Recorder Festival Nordhorn On Tour 2024
27 - 30 June 2024



On the website of the 14th edition of Recorder Festival Nordhorn.  The 14th edition will be a special edition: it will not be in Nordhorn... It will be 'on tour' in Porto San Giorgio, Italy! We are very thankful for the offer from Italy to have a special 'on tour' edition in 2024. 

Recorder Festival Nordhorn offers a great chance to professional recorder players, teachers, students, audience and children to meet and inspire eachother.


We offer several competitions. Besides that we offer workshops, lectures, masterclasses and a recorder market in Porto San Giorgio.  


Check out the website, sign up if you want to and/or check out the History-page to learn more about the past edition of the festival!


Hope to see you in Porto San Giorgio in 2024!!!

Bobby Rootveld & Sanna van Elst

Mollenhauer Exhibition



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