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Countdown to 2020 Festival

Copyright (c) 2013. Gitarrenfestival Nordhord. Kulturhaus NIHZ - Bobby Rootveld & Sanna van Elst - Mittelstr. 13, 48529, Nordhorn. All right reserved.

Raphaella Smits

Grigory Novikov

Welcome to the tenth edition of the Nordhorn Guitar Festival, held from the 19th to the 26th of April 2020!


As usual our festival includes several different competitions, concerts, workshops, masterclasses, luthier-presentations, parties, cinema and other happenings.


This years festival has some new features:

- Composer Interpretation Competitions

- Accomodation Service Packs


We are extremely proud that after the previous editions with great musicians including Roland Dyens, Zoran Dukic, Johannes Möller, Thomas Müller-Pering, Reinbert Evers, Hubert Käppel, Pavel Steidl, Victor Villadangos, Marcin Dylla, Lorenzo Micheli, Carlo Marchione, Anniello Desiderio, Gerhard Reichenbach, Judicael Perroy, Jeremy Jouvé, Anton Baranov, Johan Fostier, Alberto Mesirca and many others, we are again offering a solid programme including great musicians like Raphaella Smits, Ivan Petricevic.


Check out the website, sign up for the festival, and check out the History page to learn more about the past editions of the festival!


Hope to see you in Nordhorn in 2020!!!

Bobby Rootveld & Sanna van Elst



2020 Category 1 Competition Prizes

First prize in Category 1:

A classical guitar build by luthier Sergey Samoilov worth 7000,- Euro, 

a CD-recording and release by Samsong Productions,

a brand new composition by composer Annette Kruisbrink,

a concert in Jüchener Gitarrenkonzerte Germany,

a concert at ev. ref. Kirche Lüneburg-Uelzen Germany, 

a concert in Festival Internacional de Música Villa Navas de San Juan Spain,

a concert in Ikebana Festival Spain,

a concert in Zomiac Concert Series Lonneker Netherlands,

a concert in Guitar Festival Aalborg Denmark,

a concert in Louis Ignatius Gall Concert Series Netherlands,

a concert in International Guitar Festival Rodrigo Italy,

a concert in Accera Guitar Meetings Italy,

a concert in Lahontan Guitar Festival France 

and 2500,- Euro Concertfee.


Second prize in Category 1:

A classical guitar build by luthier Michael Batell worth 7000,- Euro

Free participation in Guitar Festival Nordhorn 2021

Third prize in Category 1:

Refund of participation fee

Free participation in Guitar Festival Nordhorn 2021

Audience prize in Category 1:

Refund of participation fee

Ivan Petricevic

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