Alberto Mesirca


Welcome to the eleventh edition of the Nordhorn Guitar Festival, held from the 1st till the 16th of September 2021 instead of April due to Covid-19.

The main focus is 9, 10, 11 and 12 September 2021.  But also on the other dates there are concerts in and around Nordhorn and in The Netherlands.

The festival this year is part of a much bigger event called the 'Louis Ignatius Gall Music & Culture Festival' which includes also a recorder festival, a concert series with lectures about antisemitism and holocaust ánd an exhibition of the German artist Mareike Engbers.


As usual our festival includes several different competitions, concerts, workshops, masterclasses and other happenings.


We are extremely proud that after the previous editions with great musicians including Roland Dyens, Zoran Dukic, Johannes Möller, Thomas Müller-Pering, Reinbert Evers, Hubert Käppel, Pavel Steidl, Victor Villadangos, Marcin Dylla, Lorenzo Micheli, Carlo Marchione, Anniello Desiderio, Gerhard Reichenbach, Judicael Perroy, Jeremy Jouvé, Anton Baranov, Johan Fostier, Alberto Mesirca and many others, we are again offering a solid programme including great musicians like Alberto Mesirca, Ben Salfield, The Guitar Company, Samuel Klemke and rockstar Dilana Smith with Duo NIHZ.


Check out the website, sign up for the festival, and check out the History page to learn more about the past editions of the festival!


Hope to see you in Nordhorn in 2021!!!

Bobby Rootveld & Sanna van Elst

p.s. please enjoy the new video of The Guitar Company below:

Dilana & NIHZ

The Guitar Company