LUTHIERS - Due to Covid-19 no Luhtiers in 2021

Michael Batell


I am an American maker of concert classical and flamenco guitars, living in Berlin since 2007. I work alone making classical and flamenco guitars, always focusing on refinement in all areas of construction, from aesthetics to playability and tonal response. I produce about 15 guitars per year, by commission as well as for a few select dealers.

I also occasionally work on special projects such as Harpsichords and Viola da Gambas, which were a specialty of mine in previous years and for which I am currently creating new blueprints of several historic instruments I had the opportunity to document more than 30 years ago. I am currently adding to my winter production 2 new Viola da Gambas for exhibition in Paris and Belgium next year.

I have lectured and taught instrument making in former years in the US, and today I am active in festivals, symposia and exhibitions throughout Europe. I am therefore very pleased to be able to donate one of my guitars from the last few years’ production as a prize in this exciting festival. I look forward to meeting everyone at the Nordhorn festival in April.





Michael Batell

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John J van Gool

John van Gool started his career as guitar maker in 1978 and finished his first guitar in 1979. His guitars are made by the principles of Antonio Torres, of what he believes give the best result in balance as well as tonal qualities of the guitar. In 1988 he was able to follow a master class in guitar making with the well known guitar maker José L. Romanillos, which was repeated in 1989 and 1992 in Cordoba, Spain. Since 1980 he is, besides the classical guitar, also making flamenco guitars. In 1984 he started to make several types of the lute and after a study and investigation to the Spanish vihuela he is also making this beautiful instrument. Since 1995 he is making Baroque guitars with beautiful inlays and originally 3D rosette. The instruments are characterised by a great volume and a very comfortable playing facility for the left and right hand. They are played by several guitarist in Holland, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden and the USA. All guitars are made to the Spanish traditions, jointed to the present acoustical insights. Of course only the best woods and materials are used to make this beautiful instruments. Because of the fact that the instruments are made in the Spanish tradition, i.e. one instrument at a time, the number of instruments produced is limited.

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