Due to travel restrictions because of Covid-19 we will have a different and smaller competition this year. 

This competition is organized in cooperation with and hosted by the International Louis Ignatius Gall Guitar Festival & Symposium

"Louis Ignatius Gall" International Classical Guitar Youth Competition will take place once a year, each first weekend of November. 


Categories and Program:

Category A: Amateur Soloists of all ages, maximum up to 15 minutes free program

Category B: Ensembles of all sorts and ages, maximum up to 15 minutes free program

Date: 9, 10, 11 and 12 September 2021


First Prize in each category:


Demo-cd recording

Sheet music and cd's by Louis Ignatius Gall 

Recital at Louis Ignatius Gall Concert Series, Enschede, Netherlands

Recital at Guitar Festival Nordhorn, Germany

2nd Prize in each category (multiple 2nd prizes can be awarded):


free participation in next year's festival

sheet music and cd's by Louis Ignatius Gall



3rd Prize in each category (multiple 3rd prizes can be awarded):


sheet music and cd's by Louis Ignatius Gall


Special prize for best performance of a composition by Maestro Gall:

250,- Euro prize money sponsored by Louis Ignatius Gall Foundation


free participation in next year's festival

sheet music and cd's by Louis Ignatius Gall

This prize is only granted for 1 competitor chosen from all competitors of the festival

(A variety of pieces from Louis Ignatius Gall can be downloaded for free at www.gallguitarfestival.de)

You can play any composition of Maestro Gall to compete for this prize

Competition Rules 
- Musicians of any nationality and age, suitable for the age categories, can take part in the competition.
- No change in the contestants' program will be accepted after the expiry of the deadline for submission of applications.
- Contestants who wish to withdraw should notify the secretariat of the competition in time. The registration fee will not be refunded for any reason.
- The organizers of the competition have the exclusive rights of recording, radio or television broadcasting of a part or even the whole of the competition, as well as the use of any material related to the competition (names, photographs etc).

- In Category A the program must be from at least 2 different époques.
- Contestants should observe the time duration.

- Contestants who wish to apply for 'Best Performance of Maestro Gall Compositions Prize' are granted one additional minute playing time.
- The 1st prize winner in each category has no right to participate in following editions of the festival in the same category. 
- The Jury members will be elected by the Organizing Committee exclusively and will consist of artists with international reputation -  concert performers, teachers, musicologists, conductors etc.
- The decisions of Jury are final and undisputable.

- Any dispute about the competition and it's result must be judges by German court.
- Jury members have no right to vote for his/her own student(s) or former (up to  five years ago) student(s)
- The deadline for submission of application forms and deposit of registration fee is the 1st of September 2021
- The submission of the application form automatically means that the sender agrees with all the rules of the competition

- The application form should be filled in English only, submitted via on-line application here: 
- In addition the participant must sent a scan of the bank receipt to the Organizing Committee by e-mail: bobbyrootveld@gmail.com