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Competition Rules 
- Musicians of any nationality and age, suitable for the age categories, can take part in the competition.
- No change in the contestants' program will be accepted after the expiry of the deadline for submission of applications.
- Contestants who wish to withdraw should notify the secretariat of the competition in time. The registration fee will not be refunded for any reason.
- The organizers of the competition have the exclusive rights of recording, radio or television broadcasting of a part or even the whole of the competition, as well as the use of any material related to the competition (names, photographs etc).

- In Category A the program must be from at least 2 different époques.
- Contestants should observe the time duration.

- Contestants who wish to apply for 'Best Performance of Maestro Gall Compositions Prize' are granted one additional minute playing time.
- The 1st prize winner in each category has no right to participate in following editions of the festival in the same category. 
- The Jury members will be elected by the Organizing Committee exclusively and will consist of artists with international reputation -  concert performers, teachers, musicologists, conductors etc.
- The decisions of Jury are final and undisputable.

- Any dispute about the competition and it's result must be judges by German court.
- Jury members have no right to vote for his/her own student(s) or former (up to  five years ago) student(s)
- The deadline for submission of application forms and deposit of registration fee is the 1st of September 2022
- The submission of the application form automatically means that the sender agrees with all the rules of the competition

- The application form should be filled in English only, submitted via on-line application here: 
- In addition the participant must sent a scan of the bank receipt to the Organizing Committee by e-mail:

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