Gitarren Festival Nordhorn

Main location:

Kulturhaus NIHZ

Mittelstraße 13,

48529, Nordhorn, Germany


How to get to Nordhorn:

No need for concerns... :-)
We have many people coming every year from all over the world.
There are several airports all in about the same distance:
- Amsterdam
- Düsseldorf
- Düsseldorf Weeze
- Hannover
- Dortmund
- Bremen
- Münster-Osnabrück
- Groningen

Some of these airports have low-cost airlines like Ryanair, Transavia, Easyjet, Wizz Air etc.
At the airports there is public transportation.
From these airports with public transportation it is between 2 and 3,5 hours to come to Nordhorn.

Another good possibility from the airport to Nordhorn is to rent a car.

Mostly this is cheaper and faster then public transportation.

Nordhorn has it's own train station which is within 10 minutes walking from the festival location.


The secondary locations of the festival are:

Duitsland / Deutschland:

- Altes Rathaus. Hauptstraße 24, 49828 Neuenhaus

- Ev.-Ref. Kirche Brandlecht. Kirchweg 6, 48531 Nordhorn

- Kirchenschiff. Burgstrasse 10, 48529 Nordhorn

- Kreuzkirche. Van-Delden-Strasse 21, 48529, Nordhorn

- Musikschule Lingen. Wilhelmstrasse 49, 49808 Lingen

- Samocca. Stadtring 45, 48527, Nordhorn

Nederland / Niederlande:

- Synagoge Borne. Ennekerdijk 17, 7622 ED Borne

- Erve Molmans. Tusveld 71, 7627NW, Bornerbroek