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Duo NIHZ, Bobby Rootveld & Sanna van Elst, organize and started up Guitar Festival Nordhorn. Every year they are jury-members, hosts, teach masterclasses and workshops. And off course once every few years they enter the stage for a concert or special project during the festival.

The Anido Guitar Duo

Annette Kruisbrink and Arlette Ruelens form the Anido Guitar Duo. Both or excellent teachers and guitarists. Next to that Annette Kruisbrink is Holland's most famous classical guitar composer. After meeting Annette and Arlette several years ago a friendship developped between The Anido Guitar Duo and Duo NIHZ. This also resulted in organizing a brand new festival together in 2013: Pieter van der Staak Festival and Annette Kruisbrink composing the beautiful 'Veren' for Duo NIHZ.


Alberto Mesirca

The friendship between the superb Italian guitarist Alberto Mesirca and Duo NIHZ (Bobby Rootveld & Sanna van Elst) started when the three met eachother at the Encs Guitar Festival 2007 in Hungary. Since then Alberto, Bobby and Sanna have been working on several projects together including Jewish Music (which was also released on a DVD). Alberto Mesirca is a regular face during several Guitar Festival Nordhorn editions.

Samuel Klemke

A few months before Bobby Rootveld & Sanna van Elst organized their first Guitar Festival Nordhorn they toured India and Bhutan. During this concerttour they met the excellent German guitarist Samuel Klemke. An instant friendship started in which the three of them together roamed the streets of Kolkata. After this they also joined forces musically in projects like the Valais Guitar Week in Switzerland. The very gifted Samuel Klemke is an excellent concert guitarist, teacher and winner of many international competitons.

Thomas Peperkamp

Thomas Peperkamp is a walking guitar-encyclopedia. Besides that he has an excellent ear for talent and musicality. Years ago Bobby and Thomas met when Bobby played a concert in De Gitaarsalon where Thomas is the artistic manager. Thomas and Bobby kept in contact ever since and since day 1 of Guitar Festival Nordhorn Thomas has been an important jurymember and brings a fantastic attitude and positive to Guitar Festival Nordhorn. 

Alexei Belousov

Guitar Festival Nordhorn's Artists-In-Residence are like a big family and one very important family member is Alexei Belousov. Not only did Alexei create the basic idea for the Asturias-Vodka Competition but he is also a great musician, composer, person and friend. Mostly Alexei attends Guitar Festival Nordhorn with his duo 'Soloneo'. Alexei Belousov, organizor of many guitar festivals and events worldwide, is unmissable at Guitar Festival Nordhorn because of his good vibes and great music. 

Corona Edition

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