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There are 8 different kinds of categories during the Nordhorn Guitar Festival 2018.

This competition could be organized thanks to our sponsors.

Category 1:

Solo-playing conservatory-students and professionals   

Date: 27 April, first round, 6 minutes, free repertoire

Date: 28 April, second chance round, 10 minutes, free repertoire

Date: 29 April, final round, 20 minutes, free repertoire


Category 2:

Solo-playing for amateurs up from 18 years              

Date: 29 April, 1 round, 8 minutes, free repertoire


Category 3: 

Solo-playing amateurs between 13 and 17 years

Date: 28 April, 1 round, 8 minutes, free repertoire


Category 4:

Solo-playing amateurs up too 12 years

Date: 28 April, 1 round, 8 minutes, free repertoire


Category 5: Ensemble Competition

Ensembles from minimal 2 till maximum 5 musicians can participate as long as at least one instrument is a guitar.

Date: 26 April, 1 round, 15 minutes, free repertoire


Category 6: Acoustic Jazz Competition

Solo-playing guitarists can participate. A combo of musicians for accompaniment will be provided.

Date: 28 April, 1 round, 12 minutes, free repertoire


Category 7: Composition Competition

Composers and aspiring composers can send their classical-guitar related composition

Date: 29 April, 1 round


Category 8: Asturias Vodka Competition

Solo-playing conservatory-students and professionals up from 18 years
Date: 27 April, max 5 rounds, max 5 minutes per round, repertoire: fast part of Asturias by Isaac Albeniz


First prize in Category 1:
A classical guitar build by luthier Sergey Samoilov worth 7000,- Euro, a CD-recording and release by Samsong Productions, a brand new composition by composer Annette Kruisbrink, a concert in Kulturhaus NIHZ Germany, a concert in Jüchener Gitarrenkonzerte Germany, a concert at ev. ref. Kirche Lüneburg-Uelzen Germany, a concert in Gitarrissimo Oberhausen Germany, a concert in Zomiac Concert Series Lonneker Netherlands, a concert in Guitar Festival Aalborg Denmark, a concert in Louis Ignatius Gall Concert Series Netherlands, a concert in International Guitar Festival Rodrigo Italy, a concert in Lahontan Guitar Festival France and 2500,- Euro


Second prize in Category 1:

A classical guitar build by luthier Michael Batell worth 7000,- Euro


Third prize in Category 1:

Refund of participation fee


Audience prize in Category 1:

Refund of participation fee


First prize in Category 5:

250,- Euro and Ensemble Sheet Music.


First prize in Category 6:

250,- Euro


First prize in Category 7:

Your composition will be published on sheet-music, recorded and released by a guitarist on cd and performed by one of the featured artists during Nordhorn Guitar Festival 2019


First prize in Category 8:

5 liters of Vodka and refund of participation fee


Special prize in every Category:

In each category the best guitarist of 18 years or younger wins free participation in the next edition of the Kirov Guitar Competition

Other prizes in all categories:
All other 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in all categories are packages with guitar-related articles
To Be Announced.




By entry every participant declares to agree with:
-    the regulations of this competition
-    the decisions of the jury
-    the directions of the administration of the competition

1. The competition is organised by “Kulturhaus NIHZ”.

2. The management rests with the executive committee of this organisation and the administration of the competition.

3. There can be no discussion or correspondence about the jury’s judgment.

4. Deadline for application:  22nd of April 2018

5. The application form will not be registered until the registration fee has been received.

6. Only 50% of the registration fee will be refunded if a participant decides not to take part after all and cancels before the 1st of April 2018.

7. If a participant cancels participation after the 1st of April 2018 no registration fees will be refunded.

8. The administration of the competition can refuse an application.

9. Participation is open to guitar-players and composers of all countries. 

10. Each competitor is to announce the compositions (s)he will play himself (herself).

11. A guitarist who did win the first prize at Guitar Festival Nordhorn Category 1 can not sign up again for the same category.

12. In each category the first, second and third place will get a prize. In Category 7 there will only be a first prize.

13. The administration of the competition determines the maximum number of participating guitarists in each category and in the competition as a whole.

14. The competition is open to public.

15. Those whose entry has been accepted will be duly informed when they are to perform.

16. If a guitarist is not present in due time he will be excluded from further participation without remittance of the entrance-fee.

17. Exceeding the time limits will lead to disqualification.




Category 1:

- In Category 1 the numbers 1 to 4 of the first round go straight to the final round. The numbers 5 to 10 can participate in the second chance round. From the second chance round 2 participants go to the final round.

- The order of performers in each round in Category 1 will be drawn the evening before the round

- For the audience prize in category 1 each audience-member who attends the final round may give 1 vote.

- In Category 1 participants should bring 2 copies of each piece of every round. Participant shall put all pieces together in a sealed enveloppe with participants name + the order of the pieces written on the enveloppe. This enveloppe shall be handed over to the administration of the competition between 18.00 and 19.00 on the 26th of April 2018 or between 9.00 and 10.00 on the 27th of April 2018. Please note: Scanned documents by email will NOT be accepted.


Category 6:

- Participant can choose 2 pieces from the Jazz Real Book. These pieces must be sent by e-mail as PDF-file to These pieces will be rehearsed by a combo of musicians who will accompanie the Participant during his performance.

- On the day of the performance the participant can meet with the combo for about 10 minutes to talk about the form of the pieces.

- Participant shall play on a classical or acoustic guitar and will be amplified.


Category 7:

- No rounds, composers send in their sheet music and winning composition will be announced after final concert. 

- Participant should send by post before the 20th of April 2018 3 copies of his/her composition. The art of the composition is completely free as long as there is at least one classical guitar involved. The composition can be for solo, duo, ensemble with one classical guitar, multiple classical guitars or classical guitar in combination with other instrument(s)/voice(s). A jury of guitarists and composers will study the pieces during the Guitar Festival Nordhorn and select a winner. The winner will be announced during the ceremony after the final concert on the 29th of April 2018. Participants of Category 7 are welcome to visit the festival but this is not obligated for participation in Category 7. Please note: Scanned documents by email will NOT be accepted.


Category 8:

In the Asturias-Vodka Competition, each round will be proceeded by a glass of Vodka for the participants. Best playing participants will be selected by the jury to continue to the next round until there is a final winner or 'Last Man Standing'. All rounds will be played immediatly after eachother.


Kulturhaus NIHZ is entitled to make audio and visual recordings of the competition and arrange broadcasts and distribute without any remuneration to the recorder players concerned.



In any situation that is not covered by these regulations the administration of the competition decides.


Members of the board:
Mr S.A. Rootveld        
Ms S.M. van Elst

Corona Edition

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