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I am Sergey Samoilov from Russia. For almost 3 decades I have been building guitars.
I learned this craft from Radionov Nikolay. Guitarists playing my guitar include Alexei Belousov, Sabrina Vlaskalic and Stefan Rak. I work with the highest quality of materials.

For Guitar Festival Nordhorn I build a special first-prize guitar worth 5000,- Euros:
Backs & Sides-Indian Rosewood, Top - Red Cedar, Shellac, Neck-nitro. Hope to see you in Nordhorn!


Sergey Samoilov

























I am an American maker of concert classical and flamenco guitars, living in Berlin since 2007. I work alone making classical and flamenco guitars, always focusing on refinement in all areas of construction, from aesthetics to playability and tonal response. I produce about 15 guitars per year, by commission as well as for a few select dealers.

I also occasionally work on special projects such as Harpsichords and Viola da Gambas, which were a specialty of mine in previous years and for which I am currently creating new blueprints of several historic instruments I had the opportunity to document more than 30 years ago. I am currently adding to my winter production 2 new Viola da Gambas for exhibition in Paris and Belgium next year.

I have lectured and taught instrument making in former years in the US, and today I am active in festivals, symposia and exhibitions throughout Europe. I am therefore very pleased to be able to donate one of my guitars from the last few years’ production as a prize in this exciting festival. I look forward to meeting everyone at the Nordhorn festival in April.





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